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Home Maintenance Tips. A handy schedule lists all your regular maintenance for your home all year round.

Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips


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Home Maintenance Tips and Reminders for yearly maintenance

Click to download the maintenance checklist in a .pdf file.


__Clean furnace & humidifier filters.
__Maintenance drain hot water tank.
__Check & adjust humidity level in house.
__Check window condensation.
__Check/ recharge fire extinguishers.
__Test window locks for fire escape route.
__Test/replace carbon monoxide
__Test/replace smoke detector batteries.


__Deep clean or steam carpeting.
__Check hardwood floors for cracking.
__Check ceramic & linolium floor caulking & grout.
__Check kitchen & bath caulking & grout.
__Check bath exhaust fan & vent.
__Clean garbage disposal (use whole lemon/ice cubes).
__Check central vac vents & canister filter.
__Clear exterior vent of snow & debris.


__Clean furnace & humidifier filters.
__Check drain for clogs.
__Check walls & ceiling for cracks & repair.
__Check operation of sump pump.
__Check windows & screens for any needed repairs.
__Take down Christmas lights ???


__Check/clean air conditioner and filters.
__Check basement walls & floor for moisture
__Check roof shingles & flashings.
__Inspect for insects & rodents.
__Check & repair any exhaust fans.
__Phone Utilities to trim trees off electrical lines.
__Check & update First Aid kit.


__Clear all exterior vents of debris.
__Clear debris from window wells.
__Clean gutters & downspouts.
__Check gutter water flow away from foundation.
__Clean & wash house exterior.
__Clean & wash exterior window glass & drain holes.
__Prepare gardens & fertilize lawn.
__Repair fence, deck & siding.


__Clean & maintain barbecue.
__Paint/stain exterior of house, fence & decks.
__Check stairs & hand rails for sturdiness & reliability.
__Clean & seal exterior natural stone/slate.
__Inspect washing machine water hoses (replace every 5 years).
__Inspect/clean dryer venting to exterior.
__Inspect dishwasher for leaks.
__Clean & maintain appliances.


__Check Fire extinguishers.
__Air out damp crawl spaces & basements.
__Lubricate squeaky hinges etc.
__Lubricate & maintain overhead garage door
__Clean & adjust ceiling fan paddles.
__Review home security system.

Enjoy your summer break!


__Review electrical system.
__Label main panel breakers.
__Check door bell.
__Check exterior lighting.
__Check GFI plugs.
__List & stock needed household light bulbs.
__Schedule furnace & air duct cleaning.
__Sort hazardous waste-dispose of at any Fire hall.


__Inspect chimney flues & caps for nests & obstructions.
__Clean fireplace flues.
__Call Gas Company for FREE furnace inspection.
__Test existing or install new programmable thermostat.
__Trim away branches that overhang chimney.
__Clean window wells of debris.
__Check that grading runs away from foundation wall.
__Clean/repair & store away garden equipment.
__Sort & store items, that may be damaged from freezing.
__Fertilize lawn.


__Clean furnace & humidifier filters.
__Drain outside water & irrigation lines.
__Disconnect, drain & store water hose.
__Check window & door weather stripping.
__Caulk & seal exterior of house.
__Caulk & seal exterior concrete.
__Winterize plants & landscaping.
__Plant, move or trim (most) trees and shrubs.


__Clean furnace filters.
__Clean & maintain humidifier.
__Check water heater operation & maintain.
__Clean range hood filter.
__Adjust air register grills for balanced air flow.


__Put up the Christmas lights!!!
__Clean furnace & humidifier filters.
__Check for frost buildup (sign of moisture) in attic.
__Check gutters & downspouts for formation of ice dams.
__Check snow on roof.
__Clean furnace air filters.


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