Real Estate Appraiser Employment, Trainees Employment and Admins Wanted

Real Estate Appraiser Employment, Trainee Employment and Admins Wanted...

PA Certified Appraisers, Trainees and Admins Wanted - 412.831.1500

PA Certified Appraisers, Trainees and Part-Time Admin/Office Mgr/Personal Assistant wanted. Appraisal office looking for real estate appraisers, trainees and admin interested in working closer to home in a virtual atmosphere.

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Certified Real Estate Appraisers Wanted


Trainees Wanted


Part-Time Office Mgr/Personal Assistant Wanted


Certified Real Estate Appraiser Employment, Trainee Employment and Part-Time Admin/Office Mgr/Personal Assistant. Ground floor opportunity available. Growing appraisal office looking for real estate appraisers interested in working closer to home. Trainee applications currently being reviewed. Real Estate background not required but helpful.

Bostedo Appraisal Services, is looking to fill a Certified Real Estate Appraiser Employment position and a Trainee Employment position for full/part time or even just a little extra work while being in a networking atmosphere. We are interested in Pennsylvania Certified Appraisers and Trainees presently in and around the South Western Pennsylvania Region. We are currently servicing the Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington, Westmoreland and Somerset (Hidden Valley & 7Springs Areas) County markets in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Bostedo Appraisal Services is looking for Pennsylvania Certified Commercial and Residential Appraisers and Trainees. Our office requires all Appraisers wanting to network with us to naturally have the ability to complete all appraisal reports within all Federal, State, USPAP and Client guidelines and our network requires broadband internet access. Our Appraisers must offer our clients quality reports with timely completion as per the client’s prerequisites. All of our reporting naturally complies with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and all applicable Federal & State Laws.

What are we looking for?

  • Pennsylvania State Certified Appraiser’s
  • Experience: Considered on an individual basis
  • Education: Valid Pennsylvania Real Estate Appraisers Certification.
  • Technology: Computer & appraisal software knowledgeable.
  • Broadband Internet access.
  • Location: South Western Pennsylvania
  • Fee splits competitive and considered on experience.
  • Trainees are considered on an individual basis.


Inspect properties, collect & analyze data and prepare appraisal reports for residential and 2-4 family type properties. Perform drive-by appraisals and conduct progress inspections on proposed residential properties etc. (The responsibilities described above are no more than the typical appraisal practice performed by Certified Appraisers daily in their profession.)


Experience qualifications will be on a case by case basis. Must have a valid Pennsylvania Real Estate Appraisers Certification (Trainees not included), valid US Drivers license and auto insurance. Knowledge of FNMA and Bank appraisal guidelines (Trainees not included). Ability to prepare appraisal reports for assigned property types (Trainees not included). Be equipped with a Digital Camera and/or phone with photo capabilities (a personal preference). Strong interpersonal skills. Strong writing and analytical skills with access to a personal computer, computer knowledge, and appraisal software knowledge. Internet account and other various software/tools needed to complete an appraisal report. (The qualifications described above are no more than the typical appraisal qualifications needed and performed buy Certified Appraisers daily in their profession). 

Please fill in our on-line Appraiser Application form for quicker processing. Downloadable applications can also be found on our Appraiser Application form for Fax, Email or Snail Mail. We will be in contact following review.

For personal service, please contact us below.

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